USB-C to 3mm DC Jack Charge Cable
DC, meet USB-C. An alternative way of charging. The USB-C to 3mm DC Jack braided charge cable connects the USB-C Power Adapter to the DC Jack on the LabTop Mk IV for charging up to 60W. Similar to the USB-C 3.1 charge cable, this is available both in 2-metre and 5-metre lengths. Learn more
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USB-C 3.1 Charge Cable
USB-C 3.1 Charge Cable. Two or Five Metres? Regardless of how far away you are from a plug socket, we have you covered. These braided cables support USB 3.1, allowing data transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s, DisplayPort video output and power delivery for charging up to 60W. Learn more
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Lite Mk III - Available to Pre-order
Small yet mighty. The legacy continues. The Lite has always been revered for perfectly balancing power, weight and portability. The Star Lite Mk III has been forged to continue this legacy, whilst improving on usability with an Arc display, a matte display that has both a 21% Haze and a hard coat which boasts both durability and gla...
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StarPort USB-C Hub
USB-C StarPort 12-Port Hub Introducing the latest accessory in our armoury. The StarPort is a USB-C PD Hub with 12 different ports, that allows for a host of connectivity whilst charging with only connecting one cable. Compatible with the Star Lite Mk II (or later) and the Star LabTop Mk III (or later). The Star Labs PD Hub, equipp...
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MX Linux - Now available pre-installed.
19.2 MX Linux Patito Feo MX Linux 19.2 "Patito Feo". After numerous requests for MX Linux to be offered pre-installed, we reached out to MX. They wrote an OEM installer to allow for a seamless setup processor and we are very pleased to announce, it's now available. The combination of it's Debian heritage, AHS (Advanced Hardware Suppo...
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elementary OS now available across our range.
5.1.5 elementary OS Hera elementary OS is the fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS. Get free and pay-what-you-want apps on AppCenter, directly supporting indie open source developers. Stay productive and focused with Multitasking View, Picture-in-Picture, Do Not Disturb, and more—all with intuitive key...
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One, Two, Three, IV.
The Fourth Awakens. Prepare for warp speed. The LabTop has always outperformed competitors in its class. The Star LabTop Mk IV has been forged to continue this legacy, with processing speeds up to 4.7GHz and data read-speeds up to 3400MB/s. It also improves usability with an Arc display; a matte display that has both a 21% Haze and ...
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Manjaro 20.0 "Lysia" now available
20.0 Manjaro Lysia Manjaro Linux is a user-friendly and open-source Linux distribution with a community of users to match. Uniquely positioned with cutting-edge software and a focus on getting started quickly with as little manual intervention as possible thanks to automated tools. Manjaro is suitable for both newcomers and experience...
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Zorin OS Ultimate Now Available.
Available now Zorin OS 15 Ultimate Unleash your computer. Zorin OS Ultimate is now available pre-installed across our range. The Ultimate edition of Zorin OS 15 adds 6 desktop layouts to choose from, a huge library of apps for work and media editing along with over 20 games. It also helps contribute to the Zorin OS Project. "It strikes...
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Star Labs x Zorin
Star Labs have officially teamed up with Zorin with the release of their latest masterpiece Zorin OS 15 Core. "Zorin OS 15 is just so clean and polished. I don't really anticipate a learning curve for new users." "Zorin OS is without question one of the best Linux distros currently available" "It ...
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StarLabsTheme and the OSc Edition
Every day, we are asked "Can you make me one with ...?". Ergo, the Open Source Edition. This version of the Star LabTop Mk III will include the most popular requests:
  • Open-source Coreboot firmware,
  • 16GB 2400MHz memory,
  • English (US) keyboard,
  • Improved speaker output,
  • Window 10 pre-installed (optional).
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We've been busy.
Our #1 requested feature was to allow the Intel Management Engine to be disabled. Done - but what's next?All of our laptops are now available with a choice of: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Ubuntu 18.10 Linux Mint 19.1 Star Labs has joined the LVFS The LVFS is an Open Source project that allows seamless firmware updates on Linux. The Star Lite Mk II, St...
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Star LabTop Mk III - Now in stock
To the outside world, the LabTop is just an ordinary laptop, but secretly, it is one of the fastest ultrabooks available. The new Star LabTop delivers up to a 20% performance increase with the new Intel® Core™ i7-8550u quad-core processor and even faster SSD storage. A 45.6w battery is housed in the Type II anodised aluminium chassis allowing for a 40% increase in battery life.
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