You are eligible for Limited Warranty support for the following periods of time commencing upon the date of retail purchase of your Product ("Warranty Period"):

Laptop's: 2 years

Solid State Drives: 3 years

All new Products will have the Warranty Periods listed above, subject to applicable local law. 

Please note that third-party products may be covered by the product manufacturer's warranty and these warranty terms are exclusively provided by the product manufacturer. Star Labs does not offer a warranty for third-party products. If you need product or warranty support with your third-party product, please contact the product manufacturer. Please consult the product documentation provided by the product manufacturer for details.

Star Labs must positively identify that the Product falls within the applicable Limited Warranty period. We also need to verify that the Product was purchased from an authorized seller of our Products. For this, you must provide proof of purchase.

For any Limited Warranty claim, a valid Proof of Purchase is required. A valid Proof of Purchase is defined as one of the following:

A dated sales receipt from an authorized Star Labs Reseller.

An official order confirmation e-mail from Star Labs

An order number from

*Star Labs reserves the right to take any action to protect itself against all forms of suspicious claims, including, without limitation, requiring further verification of identity and details of claimant and qualifying purchases as well as debarment of claim.

Star Labs warrants the Product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used normally for the applicable Warranty Period from the date of retail purchase. If the Product is, or contains, a rechargeable battery, Star Labs does not provide any warranties for the battery life, as all rechargeable batteries can be expected to lose charging capacity over time and this is not considered a defect. Your actual battery life will vary depending on the conditions in which it is used.

We do not offer an extended warranty. We offer lifetime support and a chargeable repair service for all our systems which, in most cases, end’s up costing less than an extended warranty.

Simply contact us by chat, email or phone to advise us of the issue. Depending on the problem, we can ship parts if you are happy to fit them as this is usually quicker.

Otherwise, send the laptop back to us, we will fix it and ship it back – typically the same day. We do offer a collect and return service which is usually much, much cheaper than you shipping the laptop yourself.