Project Liberator
The Open Source laptop built in an Open Source way
Star Liberator Concept

With Project Liberator, you can build your perfect laptop.

The survey is entirely open, allowing you to select from a range of options including processors, storage, memory and colour! If you don't see an option you want, let us know and if it's possible, it will be added.

All Project Liberator orders come with:

Project Liberator Laptop
USB-C Charger
Detachable plugs for the UK, USA and Europe.*
1 year limited warranty
1 year limited technical support
Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Zorin OS pre-installed

* Plugs for Australia are available for free on request

How it works

1.   Vote on the configuration of your choosing.
2.   Spread the word!
3.   Once 1000 Surveys have been submitted, we close the survey.
4.   The most popular option from each category is used to make up the next Project Liberator laptop.
5.   We work out the details such as price, quantities required and other bits and pieces.
6.   You will be notified once the Liberator is available to order. To place an order, we require a 30% deposit of the full amount.
7.   We build your Liberator, production takes between 4-8 weeks.
8.   We randomly select one person who has shared Project Liberator on Social Media to receive their's absolutely free!
9.   Once production is complete, you will be sent a payment request for the remaining 70% of the balance.
10. Your Liberator is shipped to you.

At the end of this process, the survey resets and the next Liberator is born.

Most Popular Processor