About Us

About Us

Star Labs Online started as an IT support company. Created by a group of techies with one goal, to provide amazing services and support.

We built our first iteration of the Star LabTop in late 2015. We used it internally, sold it to our clients and a few to friends and family. This can be seen to the right.

We refreshed the Star LabTop early 2017 to add Kaby Lake processors, a higher resolution screen and better battery life. We did this by switching to suppliers such as Clevo and Samsung.

From then on, we started adding more products to our line up and created a dedicated website dubbed “Star Labs Systems”.

Star Labs System’s goal is to provide computer systems that can be customised to the users needs and that will run Windows and Linux operating systems.

Company Information

Star Labs
Suites 5 & 6
Courtyard House
Mill Lane
United Kingdom

Phone: 01483 904400

Email: support@starlabs.systems

Company Registration Number: 10602146
VAT Registration Number: GB264054613